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Meet Jessica Kelly

Jessica Kelly, Founder of 4 The Love Of All™, is former a chef who has worked in one of the world’s most renowned kitchen in Europe. This is where she honed her craft for blending fine herbs and spices to create delicious meals that created joyful experiences for diners. Her love of making people happy through fresh, fragrant and flavorful food expanded to mixing her own recipes for body and air care. Not only did the ingredients smell wonderful, they uplifted her energy and spirit, made her skin feel supple and was pure enough for her newborn daughter’s sensitive skin.

When her daughter Emma began to experience skin irritations due to extreme sensitivity, Jessica found it confusing and frustrating that there were no skincare products available that contained only plant based ingredients.

Even products that were labeled as all natural often included hidden and harsh additives that continued to cause skin breakouts for her daughter.

As a solution, Jessica researched natural skin-care remedies and used her love for blending organic herbs and plant derived essentials to concoct creams that conditioned and grew her hair, blends to purify the air, and body ointments that healed her daughter’s skin.

As a family, busy women and men in today’s world, you’re tasked with making a hundred decisions everyday. 4 The Love Of strives to make choosing the best products for your body, mind and space a no-brainer.

We hope that you find a collection, product or tip that inspires here that supports natural, holistic self-care practices for you and your loved ones for generations to come!

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